Tulane Internal Medicine Application

Thank you for your interest in the Tulane University Department of Internal Medicine categorical and preliminary training programs.

Our Mission Statement:

The Tulane Internal Medicine Program is owned and operated by the residents. Right down to ordering the match list, our residents make every decision. And this ownership is important, since it insures that education and service to our patients remains our priority.

Tulane is for people who want to make a difference; right here, right now. In life, it’s easy to find yourself marking signposts en route to the grave… always putting off the goal of changing the world until it is convenient. Well, we don’t play that game at Tulane. Waiting for the convenient time to fulfill that dictum in our medical school personal statements (“I want to change the world!”) is tantamount to waking up on the other side of 52, finally with the time to change the world, but realizing that there is no time left to do it. We don’t let life pass us by here… Sure our careers end up great, but at Tulane, our focus is about changing the world right now. We care for people that the remainder of society sees fit to ignore, with the same grace and skill offered by the best medical facilities in the world. And in doing so, we are not merely about delivering healthcare. We are about operating a “sanctuary of hope” …. a sacred place where the disenfranchised find a few special people who believe in them… and care for them. And in doing so, we re-enfranchise this group of people, giving them hope, and communicating in our words and deeds that we are going to restore that dignity… that God-given dignity that every person claims as a right… that dignity that no one should have ever taken from them. People need us here, and we enjoy caring for them. The people of New Orleans rely upon Charity Hospital, and it is the Tulane University Service that provides that care.

We believe in responsibility. We believe that all you have to do in life is die; everything else is a choice. We train our residents to be responsible in all aspects of their career… and we do this with a system that augments autonomy and independent decision-making, and by giving control of a resident’s curriculum to the resident.

But most importantly, we believe that requisite for being a great physician is being a great person. The efficiency of the Tulane system ensures that even during “systole” months (i.e., call months) there will be more than enough time to develop those unique aspects of yourself (i.e., hobbies) and to spend time with family and friends…. Many of whom will be your fellow residents. The diversity to which you will be exposed at Tulane, both in your patients and your colleagues will expose you to new interests and new ways of thinking about life. And the curriculum itself will teach you about life (i.e. CAS)… the art, literature, philosophy, and music that makes life worth living… enabling you to better care for all aspects of your patients.

Tulane is about education - everyone teaches at Tulane, because it makes us exponential: together we can change this world if we continually invest in each other, and in the students that follow us down this road. Tulane is about generating academic leaders in internal medicine… we are about ensuring career advancement, while still preserving pluropotentiality. Our residents who become great subspecialists still preserve greatness in general internal medicine.

Not all of our residents go on to academic careers, but we want every resident to have that choice upon his or her graduation. Development of research prowess, educational excellence, clinical distinction, and leadership skills are our promise. We created this web site to give you a better feel of not only our program, but what is it like to be a Tulane Internal Medicine Resident in the culturally unique city of New Orleans.

Please take a second to read the message from our residency director, Dr. Wiese. Please also read a message from our associate program directors about our ambulatory program and our educational enterprises for the medical students. From there, move on to learn more about our program including our scheduling system, salaries, and other vital statistics. Be sure to visit the resident life section where you can get the dates of all upcoming festivals and get some recommendations on where to spend your free time in New Orleans.

We pride ourselves in being accessible to answer any questions you may have regarding our program, our facilities, or the city of New Orleans. From any page in our web site you can access our contact page that will provide you key telephone numbers, emails, and addresses.

Before leaving check out our resident's site for current events, Friday School schedules and our latest ground-breaking innovation…. The 4+1 System