Tulane IM Residency

Residency Program Leadership

The Tulane Team is divided into five firms, each named for the first five chairs of medicine from 1837 to 1981: Ray, Burch, Musser, Elliott, Mackey. Each firm has its own chief resident, its own concierge mentor, and its own associate program director. So in addition to having Dr. Wiese as your head coach, you will also have three “assistant coaches” to ensure that your personal and professional lives are perfectly on trajectory.

The role of the associate program director is to be your personal coach.  The concierge mentor will take care of hooking you up with the right research mentor and project, and your personal chief resident will help you work within your firm to design the curriculum you need to advance your career to your personal Point B. Your associate program director, however, will be working with your firm to oversee your firm’s quality improvement project (targeting one of our five vulnerable patient populations), and is your liaison to the clinical competency committee, which assesses where you are in your development along the clinical milestones. Most importantly, the role of your associate program director is to be your advocate, and to be the person who will take the time to give you honest and constructive feedback. His or her role is to work with you in developing strategic growth plans to ensure you always stay on track for being the exceptional physician that is the imprimatur of the Tulane resident. There is not program that gives as much attention to person-to-person coaching like Tulane!

Meet your assistant coach below….

Robert Miller, MD

Senior Associate Program Director, Burch Firm

Chad MillerAfter only four years of living in New Orleans attending Tulane School of Medicine, I could not imagine continuing my training at any other residency program.  Staring down my rank list, I realized that while Internal Medicine may have been a natural fit for me, I was truly excited about my future training and career due to the special people surrounding this medicine program.   As a student, I had the opportunity to work alongside residents and staff who devote themselves daily to patient care and medical education without losing their personality and moral compass.   The residents’ respectful, devoted camaraderie left an indelible impression on me, and on the interview trail as a fourth-year, I never saw another program with such a culture.

I was fortunate to match at Tulane and spend three years in this program.  Working with such a diverse, selfless, inspiring group of co-residents made the tough training more than tolerable – they were fun, formative years I would never trade.  This team provides exceptional medical care with professionalism and dignity--we believe in each other and in our mission to provide the best care for any patient regardless of their demographics or ability to pay.  We are also lucky to train under the mentorship of fantastic faculty, especially Dr. Wiese.  His clinical coaching and fostering of Tulane Medicine’s culture drives our program’s success and prepares our individual residents for successful careers in medicine and lives outside of it.  I then had the honor of serving the program as Burch Firm Chief Resident, contributing back to the residency program that has richly given to me both professionally and personally.  This year also fostered an interest in academic medicine and residency education. 

Now, as an Associate Program Director, I work with the Burch firm alongside its Chief Resident in maximizing our residents’ personal development with structured feedback, curriculum development, and professional mentorship.  I am available to my team for anything that may come up.  I also advise on the annual firm quality improvement project with the goal of improving the medical care of our patients.   I also serve as the Chair of the Resident Education Committee and Director of the Pathway to Distinction in Hospital Medicine, reflecting my interests in graduate medical education, curriculum development, and academic hospital medicine.

My clinical time is spent as a hospitalist provider for the VA – the complexity and severity of disease and rich diversity of the population makes patient care both challenging and rewarding.  This setting is fertile soil for growth and development of outstanding clinicians, and I enjoy empowering resident and student trainees to deliver exceptional patient-centered care and to develop their skills in a collaborative, educational atmosphere on my wards teams.

It is a privilege to continue being part of this great team, working alongside its residents, fellow faculty, and Dr. Wiese.    I work to continue and enrich this program’s great tradition of producing medicine residents that are not only good doctors but good people as well.  

Robert S. Miller, MD, FACP, FHM

Catherine Jones, MD
Associate Program Director, Mackey Firm

Catherine JonesI was born and raised in New Orleans and trained as a classical pianist, traveled the globe, and worked as a community organizer prior to returning home to start medical school. Working to rebuild our city and healthcare system in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, which occurred while I was in medical school, cemented my commitment to work for health equity while centering the dignity and humanity of every single patient I come across.

After finishing medical school at Tulane, I initially left to pursue residency elsewhere. I soon realized that the qualities I took for granted among our Tulane residents-- leadership abilities, a deep sense of responsibility for patients and team, and their strong sense of a larger mission-- were indeed unique to the Tulane medicine residency program. I decided to return home to New Orleans because I wanted to be a part of that inspiring group of people. I have never looked back. To this day, I feel lucky and grateful to work with residents and faculty who consistently go the extra mile for our patients, who constantly seek to improve the way systems of care work in our community, and who have a great time with each other every day.

I'm fortunate to have the ability to work with our residents in a variety of settings. On the hospitalist service at University Hospital, we take pride in our ability to provide top-notch care to any patient who comes through our doors, regardless of insurance status, immigration status, ability to pay, or anything else. Tulane residents begin making decisions on day one: our residents truly lead these teams.  

As Associate Program Director for the Mackie Firm, I deeply value the tight-knit coaching relationships I’m able to develop with my residents. Not only do we work together on quality improvement and other firm projects, we also have the most legendary journal clubs and other gatherings! Along with the firm chief, we do both formal and informal coaching for each resident in the firm. What impresses me across all settings is our residents' tenacity, leadership, and teamwork. They fight hard for their patients, take care of each other, and teach others at every opportunity.

My academic and community work focuses on developing skills and teaching abilities for residents and students; and pursuing innovative modes of healthcare access. Within the residency program, we are proud to offer a resident coaching curriculum for all upper level residents, and a fun Medical Education elective to any resident who chooses it. I also lead two medical student teaching electives and work with Dr Kristin Bateman, the Musser Firm APD, to direct our pathway to distinction in Clinical Education and Leadership. I am also co-medical director for UMC’s Homeless Consult Service, an interdisciplinary, multi-instititutional care collaboration working to improve transitions and access to care for patients experiencing housing vulnerability.

I believe that Tulane Medicine’s focus on leadership, combined with our mission to care for all who come through our doors, creates a residency environment that is truly special and extraordinary. My teaching philosophy is to give residents the tools, resources and support they need in order to surpass their visions of what they dream to be possible--and then to get out of the way and let them do amazing things. Our residents consistently blow me away with their integrity, teamwork, and their unfailing dedication to the patients, our community, and each other. Just as I looked to Tulane residents for inspiration all those years ago when I decided to return here for residency, I continue to be inspired by our residents today.

Please feel free to be in touch if there are any questions I can answer about our team or anything else! I love talking about what we are doing here, and I think the future will only get brighter. 

Catherine Jones, MD

Kristin Bateman, MD
Associate Program Director, Musser Firm

Kristen BatemanThe best piece of advice that I was given when I was applying for residency was to pick a program where the residents are friends outside of work.  Regardless of where you go to residency, you will learn the nuts and bolts of internal medicine.  For me, I wanted to know that I was making an impact in the community with my best friends and colleagues, which is exactly what I got when I completed residency at Tulane.

I am a die-hard Philadelphia Phan – I grew up in the Philly suburbs, went to undergraduate and medical school in Philly, and continue to cheer for all Philly teams above all others (which does not please my husband nor any of my Tulane colleagues when the Eagles play the Saints).  I knew that I needed to leave Philly for residency, and I figured I would move back after three years (and clearly I was wrong).  I wanted to live in a new city, experience internal medicine in a new environment, and go outside my comfort zone.  I honestly applied to Tulane knowing nothing about the program, and having never been to New Orleans.

I chose Tulane for residency because of the people.  I remember going to the recruitment dinner the night before my interview, and I wanted to be friends with the residents there.  I could tell that they were not just co-workers, but family.  And having graduated from the residency, I can confirm that my co-residents are my best friends to this day.  We helped each other care for sick patients, unwind after a difficulty patient encounter, and support each other during major life events. 

In addition to the people, I chose Tulane for residency because Tulane helps mold you into the physician you want to be.  I made medical decisions for my patients during resident rounds prior to discussion with my attending, which helped me transition easily to becoming a hospitalist. I developed chalk talks during our lighter call days, and practiced them with my interns and medical students.  I learned approaches to all types of medical problems through afternoon report (when I didn’t have to worry about seeing all of my patients before rounds) and Monday/Friday school with my friends.  During Monday school, in addition to learning from my colleagues while working through mystery cases, I also had opportunities to practice teaching those around me too.

On top of the education, I love Tulane because I get to live in New Orleans.  Not only do I get to take care of the resilient people of New Orleans across three different hospital systems, but I also get to stand beside them at festivals throughout the year.  I love this city, and I love Tulane Internal Medicine Residency because the residency introduced me to this whole new world. 

Because of everything this program has offered me, I am thrilled to get to give back to the program as an Associate Program Director. Particularly, I enjoy teaching, which I get to do every Monday while teaching board review to the residents, and regularly during inpatient rounds and afternoon chalk talks with the house staff and students.  I love getting to know my Green Firm interns and residents, and learning about all of the different ways they are helping the community and becoming amazing physicians, while I get to help coach them through these years of training.  And I get to coach with some of my best friends from residency, in this wonderful city I now call home.

Kristin Bateman, MD

Jerald "Luke" Taggart, MD
Associate Program Director, Elliott Firm

What do I love about the program? 

That’s easy – it’s my team.   They are a very hard-working crew who are inspiring to be around every day.  I am impressed on a daily basis with what they are able to accomplish as individuals and as a group.  This blue-collar approach to work and selfless attitude they exhibit push me to keep getting better.

Residency moves fast and you will grow more during this time – both as a physician and as a person – possibly more than any other time in your career.   My time in training is memorable because of the residents working beside me in the hospital and the coaching I received at Tulane.  I was well prepared to practice hospital medicine after residency and have been lucky enough to get the chance to return as faculty. 

We believe as APDs, a coach’s job is to put their players in a position to succeed – to help them stay on the path to accomplish what they set out to do. 

If you are ready to work and looking for a place where you can make a difference from day one, come down and see us.  I would love to hear how we can help get you where you want to go.

Jerald "Luke" Taggart, MD

Anthony Marsh, MD
Associate Program Director, Ray Firm

Dr. Anthony Marsh is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Section of General Internal Medicine. He is also the Director of the program’s Primary Care Track and an Attending Physician at the VA primary care clinic. After completing his residency at Tulane, Dr. Marsh served as a Chief Resident. Originally from Lincoln, Nebraska, he did his undergraduate degree at Macalester College in Minnesota and received his medical degree from the University of Nebraska. He is interested in graduate medical education curriculum development, primary care delivery and leadership development.

Anthony Marsh, MD