Tulane Internal Medicine Residency Contact Information

Thank you for your interest in The Tulane Internal Medicine Residency Program.

You’ve made a wise choice to consider this as one of the possible options for the next step in your career, and we would love to show you why.

Applying to Tulane is simple; just follow the steps below:

A. The Application

Make sure that you fulfill all of our admission standards:

1. Applicants to Tulane must be graduates from an AAMC-accredited or an AOA-accredited medical school, who will have successfully completed their medical school curriculum with distinction by June of 2016.

2. We require successful passage on the USMLE Step 1 at the time of your application, and passage of Step II by the end of your medical school training. While the average board score for our residents is 239, there is no minimum board score for admission. We don’t believe that a test score reflects the quality of a physician.

3. Admission to the residency program is solely through participation in the ERAS and the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP). No one is accepted for admission outside of the match. To apply, go to the ERAS site and complete the standard application. Make sure you are registered for the NRMP match.

4. When it comes time for the match (i.e., after all of the interviewing is done), remember that the Tulane program does have three match numbers: one for the categorical residency program (3073140C0), one for the categorical-primary care program (3073140C1), and one for the preliminary program (3073140P0). You can choose to rank one, two or all three. But make sure you rank your first choice first! 

B. The Interview

Once we receive your application, we will have a decision for you regarding whether you have been accepted for an interview within two weeks of receiving your application. Interviews are by invitation only. If you are invited for an interview, you will have the option of choosing your interview date. We encourage you to interview early.

1. The Interview:
All Tulane interviews occur on Fridays. Most applicants choose to fly or drive in on Thursday in order to be available for the 7pm pre-interview party and BBQ at Dr. Wiese’s home on Thursday. The interview day on Friday begins at 8 AM and is concluded by 3 PM. Most applicants choose to stay Friday and Saturday night in order to see, enjoy and pass a little time in the Big Easy. While you are in town, free to join the residents and me at one of our weekly Friday-night happy hours. Odds are, there will be a festival on the weekend you interview (there are 412 festivals in New Orleans per year), so there will be more than enough to do and enjoy if you choose to stay the weekend with us.

2. What to Expect on the Interview Day:
Dr. Wiese will give you information on the program during the first hour or so. You will then sit in on the residents’ Afternoon Delight (for interview season, we’ll move it to the morning for you), and then a few words from our chairman, and our associate program directors. Three half-hour interviews will follow, with at least one of these interviews being conducted by a resident. Then you’ll have a great New Orleans lunch (jumbalaya or gumbo perhaps). We’ll give you a short tour, and then you can sit on a portion of Friday School. In addition, each applicant is afforded “Five minutes with Wiese” to talk about what your career and life aspirations might be… and how the Tulane Team could take you there. And then we’re done… again, we encourage you to stay the weekend and enjoy the city. The residents have a weekly happy hour on Fridays, and you are welcome to join us for this (this is completely optional). We’ll let you know time and place when you interview.


C. Accommodations

Tulane does not pay for travel expenses or hotels, but we are happy to help you with making arrangements in the New Orleans area. Once you have arrived at your hotel, feel free to let us know if you would like one of our team members (residents) to pick you up and shuttle you around town (i.e., to Dr. Wiese's house for the BBQ on Thursday, or to the interview day on Friday morning).

We do have a few hotels of incredible character that have discounted rates with us, so be sure to let our office know if you are interested in staying in a hotel that represents the character of New Orleans!

D. How the Decision is Made

1. We’ll be straight with you regarding how we choose who joins this team. Prior to the interview, the admissions committee will read your ERAS file and assign a score. The scoring system works like this:

  • One point for every 10 points on your best board score (step 1 or 2). A score of 220, for example, scores 22 points.
  • Ten points for passing all courses; -1 point for failing any course. For clinical grades, +1 for High Pass, + 2 for Honors. A separate scoring system is used for pass/fail schools and schools known for grade inflation.
  • Zero to 5 points per letter of recommendation (3); Zero to 10 points for the dean’s letter. Range: 0 to 25
  • Zero to 10 points per interview for a maximum of 30 total points.
  • Additional points are assigned by Coach Wiese for substantial (i.e., meaningful) community service, research, or leadership positions. People who give back to their community and show initiative in changing the world around them are given high points.

2. After that, Wiese assembles the rank list (based upon points above) and then it goes to the Residents. The residents hold an evening session (usually 4 to 6 hours worth) where they see the ranks (without your numbers), and re-order the list. What they come up with, is the final decision.

3. This process insures that only people of great character and capacity for team-work will join this team. Even a person who scored super high on the boards, but had no interpersonal or team skills, could be moved to the bottom of the list (or taken off out-right) by the residents.

4. All this said… don’t worry too much. If the message in this website speaks to you, then you are our type of person, and we’d love to have you on our team. If you are a person of character, we encourage you to apply.

Interview Dates : 2018 - 2019

October 12th
October 19th 
October 26th
November 2nd
November 9th
November 16th
November 30th
December 7th
December 14th
December 21st
January 11th
January 18th

Residency Program Office

The Residency Program Office is located on the eighth floor of Tulane University's School of Medicine (1555 Poydras Street)

Mailing Address:
Tulane University Health Sciences Center
Department Of Internal Medicine, Residency Program
1430 Tulane Avenue, SL-50
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, 70112

  Amber Tucker Angelle Reis Jeff Wiese
  Monique Dykes
Program Manager
(504) 988-7810
Angelle Reis
Program Coordinator
(504) 988-7809
Jeff Wiese, MD
Program Director
(504) 988-7809