Dr. Wiese

Fellowships and Careers

In the past thirteen years, 100% of Tulane’s residents seek fellowship training have been placed in a fellowship. Twenty percent of our graduates are hospitalists, and twenty percent are general medicine primary-care physicians. Sixty percent of our residents will pursue fellowship training in some of the best programs around the country. Have a look at the distribution map for fellowship training to see where they go. How do you ensure fellowship placement? As someone who reviews applications each year, let me tell you what it takes to find your fellowship of choice.

First, your application has to be more substantial than your application for residency. Fellowship directors want to know that they will not have to waste time teaching you internal medicine: you should have learned that in residency. Residents who have trained on the wards at our three hospitals easily satisfy this requirement: if you can handle the diversity and volume of patients seen at Charity, you can practice medicine anywhere.

Second, you need to demonstrate that you know, at the very least, the fundamentals of research. Again, the fellowship director does not want to waste time training you in these fundamentals: he or she wants to be able to plug you into a research project from the very beginning of fellowship. Even if a career in research is not in your long-range plans, it is still worth mastering these fundamentals, if only to better appreciate the importance and limitations of medical research. All of our residents will finish with a national presentation or a publication. This is made possible by having enough elective time in all three years to begin a research project (3 months in the intern year, for example). The strength of Tulane’s subspecialty and general internal medicine sections has vastly increased the number of mentors and research opportunities.

Third, most academic fellowships want fellows that have the ability to teach, since this is what makes them exponential. Tulane residents are required to do one teaching assignment each year; most will do three or four. Two-thirds of all preceptors for the first and second year students are Tulane Internal Medicine Residents. Teaching has a just reward for those who engage in it, for it clearly defines the limits of your knowledge. Once defined, and gaps filled in, the teaching resident becomes the stronger clinician.

Finally, you will need two strong advocates when it comes time to make that telephone call to the fellowship director of your chosen program. It will be too little too late if the program director and chairman try to learn your name and everything about you in the ten minutes before that call. Tulane’s greatest strength is in the personal involvement of the chairman and the program director in the residents’ lives from the very beginning of their residency. The program director (or “Coach”, as Dr. Wiese is called) meets with each resident twice a year in addition to the frequent interactions on the wards and in Friday School and about town. The Department Chairman, meets with each resident once a year. Career planning begins from the outset, and this makes all the difference in getting you the fellowship of your choice. There will be many great applicants vying for that position you want; you will need more than just good letters of recommendation, you will need (and frankly, you deserve) a couple of strong advocates who will go to bat for you via that personal phone call. You won’t find this at very many programs, especially those that are monstrous in size; but you will find it at Tulane.

Tulane Fellowship map

Given the combination of excellent patient experience, a solid curriculum, teaching and research opportunities and a balanced lifestyle, Tulane residents go where they please. Take a look at our resident’s fellowships for the last few years. As you can see, many of our graduates fall in love with New Orleans and remain with the Tulane team for fellowship, but as many choose to branch out to all parts of the country.

Adolescent Medicine Fellowship:
Nicole Mihalopoulos - New York University

Allergy and Immunology:
Catherine Cali-Hasset - Tulane University
Linda Kim - Tulane University
Prathyusha Savjani - Tulane University
Daniel Soteres - Tulane University
Marissa Shams - Emory University
Alice Williams - University of Virginia

Jonathan Aliota - Texas Heart Institute, Houston
Brent Anderson - Vanderbilt University
Hunt Anderson - George Washington University
Eli Beaty - Rush University
Junaid Bhutto -  Rush University
Andrew Burchett - University of Kentucky
Kevin Cartright - Tulane University
Mike Cash - Vanderbilt University
Bryant Delgado - LSU
Robby Drennan - LSU 
Carrier Eshelbrenner - University Texas- San Antonio
Elise Hiltbold - Boston University
Kevin Holder - Oregon Health Sciences
Eric Frischhertz - Tulane University
Joan Homan - Tulane University
Lucius Howell - University of North Carolina
Simonette Jones - Ohio State University
Zia Khan - Tulane University
Marielle Lazard - University of Florida
Aditya Nadimpalli - (Pediatric Cardiology) University of Chicago
Brian Payne - Tulane University
Ritchie Pearl Oschner Clinic
Matthew Peters - Maryland
Ajay Reddy - Tulane University
Teddy Rhim - Tulane University
Kaveh Sadig -  SUNY Upstate
Sairav Shah - Tulane University
Merrill Stewart - Ochsner
Thomas Turnage - Ochsner
Megan Whelton - Boston University
Seamus Whelton - Johns Hopkins
Joshua Willis - Cleveland Clinic
Arda Yalvak - Tulane University

Arti Allam -  University of Pittsburgh
Aubrey Carhill - Baylor University
Emily Chan - University of California, Davis

Farshad Aduli - Tulane University School of Medicine
Brian Balmadrid - Duke University
Christy Bean - Tulane University
George Bensabat - LSU Shreveport
Barry Cukor - Tulane University
Heather Echols - University of Arkansas
Jake Feagans - Miami University
Henry Hefler - Tulane University
Chris Herrington - Tulane University
Cristina Hill - Tulane University
John J. Hutchings - Tulane University
Brett Hymel - LSU University
Jacob Karr - Ochsner
Klaus Koebel - Tulane University
Sarath Krishnan - Tulane University
Jennifer Lamberth - University of Texas Houston
Martin Moehlen - Tulane University
Son Nguyen - Tulane University
Mira Olson - Einstein University
Michael Palmer - Tulane University
Scott Pollack - Tulane University
Matt Rice - Tulane University
Renee Tramontin - Tulane University
Cortni Tyson - Howard University
David Victor - Tulane (GI)/ Johns Hopkins (Transplant)
Nathaniel Winstead - University of Alabama, Birmingham
Naree Whang - Tulane University
John Wysocki - Tulane University

Primary Care Internal Medicine (Academic Appointments):
Erin Boswell - Tulane University
Caroline Christopher - Tulane University
Schyuler Demming - University of Arkansas
Ken Harang - Rush University
Erica Howe - Johns Hopkins University
Kate Hust - Minnesota
Catherine Jones - Tulane University
Naomi Karlen - Tulane University
Danielle King - NYU
Scott Martin -  New Orleans
Sima Mistry - Tulane University
Rachel Oreck - Tulane University
Rachel Sandler - Hennepin County
Philip Skelding - Tulane University
Michele Simoneaux - Tulane University
Ben Springgate - Robert-Wood Johnson Fellowship
Gary Stallings - New York Medical College
Alexandra Stanculescu - University of California San Francisco
Jennifer Tran - Tulane University
Sara Wolf - Georgetown University

Primary Care:
Gia Agresta - Florida
Lakisha Bastain - New Orleans
Robert Beck - Tennessee
Andrea Beck - Tennessee
Cady Blackey -  Kentucky
Ryan Brown - Kentucky
Regina Bowe - Tennessee
John Canterbury - Florida
Kathy Jo Carstarphen - New Orleans
Brian Cruz - Ochsner
Jermey Dumas - New Orleans
Joshua Fowler -   Ochsner
Kate Fournier - New Orleans
Geraldina Fuentes - California
Robin Ivester -  New Orleans
Shanta Parulakar - North Carolina
Tatiana Pestana - Florida
Nana Quartey - Waterbury, Maine
Karen Scott - New York
Michele Simoneaux - New Orleans
Rick Smith - Indian Health Service
Alegra Venditto - Tulane University
Sheryl Young - New York City

Hematology / Oncology:
Thomas Atkinson - Tulane University
Brain Barnett - Tulane University School of Medicine
Brigette Collins-Burrow - Tulane University
Allison Egan - Medical College of Georgia
Joe Fouche - Tulane University
Todd Gourdin - University of Maryland
Mike Harrison - University of Wisconsin
Trey Hayes - UT Southwestern
Naomi Horiba - Vanderbilt University
Kevin Hude - Tulane University
Nuruddin Jooma - Baylor University
Brian Lewis - Tulane University
Jodi Layton - Brown University
Ross Michels - Tulane University
Elizabeth Pollard - UT Southwestern
Jens Reuter - Tulane University
Sujal Shah - Tulane University
Melody Sheen - University of South Florida
Ying Zhuo - Tulane University

Hospitalists (Academic Appointments)
Jane Andrews - Tulane University
Meredith Barnes - University California San Diego
Meredith Barr - Tulane University
Amanda Berg - University of Miami
Chayan Chakraborti  - Johns Hopkins 
Logan Davies -  Tulane University
Monica Dhand - Tulane University
Paul Durick - Emory University
Jose Garza - UCSD
Marcia Glass - University of California San Francisco
Rene Grundy - Tulane Univerity
Michelle Guidry - Tulane University
Edmond Fomunung - UTSW
Todd Kessler University - California San Diego
Amit Kothari - UT Southwestern
Matthew Law - University of Arkansas
Usha Mandhare - Tulane University
Brandon Mauldin - Tulane University
Marlow Maylin - Tulane University
Jessica McDonald-Topp - Tulane University
Chad Miller - Tulane University
Ahmed Mohiuddin - Tulane University
Neil Shah - University of Alabama
Michael Shoffeitt - University of Texas San Antonio
Mike Smith - Tulane University
Varsha Somasekharan - George Washington University
Allison Sturtevant - Vanderbilt University
David Spruill - Tulane University 
Luis Teixiera - Tulane University

Hospitalists: (Practice)
Joseph Avalos - New Orleans, LA
Monica Dhand - Chicago, IL
Carrie Escelbrenner - NY, NY
April Evans - Portland, OR
Catherine Firestein - New Orleans, LA
Lindsay Ford - New Orleans, LA
Andrea Germond - New Orleans, LA
Patricia Harlan - New Orleans, LA
Alan Hathcock - New Orleans, LA
John Marker - New Orleans, LA
Caley McIntyre - New Orleans, LA
Sarah Moore - Doctors Without Borders
Trang Moore - Portland, OR
Celeste Newby - New Orleans, LA
Jamie Nguyen - New Orleans, LA
Matthew Northrop - West Jefferson, LA
Justin Olinde - New Orleans, LA
Melody Oncale - New Orleans, LA
Rima Patel -  Baltimore, MD
Melissa Reimer - New Orleans, LA
Bryan Rimel - Portland, OR
Michael Royster - Cape Cod, MA
Alanna Small - Anchorage, AK
Dustyn Williams - Baton Rouge General, LA
Shenelle-Marie Wise - Tampa, FL

Infectious Diseases:
Alexandra Abrams-Downey - Mt. Sinai
Simon Agolory - NYU
Yussef Bennani - Tulane University
Isolde Butler - Tulane University
Emery Chang - University of California, Los Angeles
Monica Dhand - Tulane University
Stacy Greene - LSU
Jason Halperin - NYU
John Humphrey - Columbia University
Morgan Katz - Johns Hopkins
Sarah Moore - Harvard
Obi Nnedu - University of Washington
Gifty Ntim - University of Maryland
Ishani Pathmanathan - Epidemic Intelligence Service (CDC)
Jeff Percak - Tulane University 
Lawrence Purpura - Epidemic Intelligence Service (CDC)
Lauren Richey - Tulane University
John Schieffelin - LSU
Janine Van Sant - Tulane University
Nick Van Sickles - Tulane University
Kyle Widmer - Vanderbilt University
Yuan Zhou - University of Washington

Information Technology:
David C. Kendrick - Harvard University

Adrian Baudy - Tulane University
Elizabeth Brandt - University North Carolina
Frank Cruz - Tulane University
Chukwuma Eze - Tulane University
Jumka Gosh - Tulane University
Mike Haderlie - Vanderbilt University
Ivo Lukitsch - Tulane University
Annalisa Perez - Tulane University
Kristina Rathmell - Tulane University
Fred Teran - Tulane University
Herman Toliver - Tulane University
Al Vichot - Yale University

Palliative Care:
Sonia Malhotra - University of Pittsburgh

Pulmonary/Critical Care:
Aimee Aysenne - University of California San Francisco
Kenneth Cerreta -  University of Utah
Cynthia Crowder - Tulane University
Steven Davidoff - University Texas Southwestern
Jeff DellaVolpe - University of Pittsburgh
Mark Hamblin - Johns Hopkins
Joe Huang - NYU
Liz Carpenter - University of South Florida
Jeff Kenny - University of Minnesota
Ross Klingsberg - Tulane University
Jenny Meyers - Tulane University
David Patton - Tulane University
Pavan Thangudu - University of Pittsburgh

Radiology/Rad Onc:
Sue Evans - (Radiation Oncology) Virginia

Angela Christensen - UCSD
Sancia Ferguson - University of California San Francisco