Tulane Internal Medicine Residency, Program Information

Becoming The Master Teacher

Tulane is about developing world-class academic physicians…. and while not all of our graduates will pursue a career in academics, all of them will have the choice. In addition to great clinical prowess, and research excellence, the Tulane residents become incredible teachers, mastering the principles of great clinical teaching (coaching) that can be found no where else in the country. The clinical coaching curriculum was designed by Dr. Wiese, and represents the summation of his medical education fellowship… in addition to multiple secret techniques of teaching that he has acquired after over a decade of teaching. The bottom line is this… there is no one in the country who can make you into the master teacher like Dr. Wiese. With over 130 visiting professorships, chances are that Dr. Wiese has been to your school to do faculty development courses to augment faculty teaching. The cool part is that you will get all of that training and more as part of the Tulane curriculum!

Learning the Techniques…

Teaching in the HospitalLearning to teach is probably a misnomer… what we really care about is improving our student’s performance, not just their knowledge base. And where performance is the objective, then “coaching” is the goal. And to become a “master coach” requires a different level of training.  As part of the CAS curriculum, you’ll learn the fundamentals of motivation, visualization, anticipation and choosing content that has utility for your student. The summation of all of these techniques can be found in Dr. Wiese’s book, “Teaching in the Hospital.”… but as part of the curriculum, you’ll receive advanced techniques that can’t be found anywhere else.

The curriculum addresses techniques such as controlling a session (big or small), developing advanced organizers, mastering voice (tempo & pitch) to inspire emotions, and many more (see below). And as Dr. Wiese will espouse… teaching is a performance support…. Throughout your time on the Tulane Team, you will have multiple opportunities to refine each skill, and multiple opportunities to teach first, second, third, forth-year students. By the end of their intern year, interns develop the ability to not only teach on the wards… but also effective bed-side teaching of the physical exam, teaching clinical reasoning, teaching in large (and super large groups) and doing presentations at national meetings. Of course, residents are privy to some of Dr. Wiese’s secret teaching techniques.

Refining the Techniques:

Education is the priority at Tulane… at all levels. Tulane residents become excellent teachers by formal instruction in medical education (see above) and by actively teaching during their training. This is important for the many residents who go on to practice in academic careers as well as for those who will rely upon patient education in their private practice. Excellence in resident teaching raises the bar for all teaching activities, and this sets the standard for Tulane.

The activities below are some of the ways that residents learn to be great teachers.

  • Clinical Diagnosis Preceptor: Residents can serve as a preceptor for students involved in the second-year Clinical Diagnosis course. This course trains students in the principles of Baysian theory (pre-test probability, likelihood ratios, post-test probability, treatment threshold) in addition to using historical and physical examination data to formulate evidence-based diagnostic and therapeutic plans.
  • Interview Skills Preceptor: Residents can serve as a preceptor for first year students involved in the Foundations of Patient Care course. This course trains students in the principles of obtaining historical data and developing bedside skills.
  • Standardized Patient Interview Skills: Residents can also work with the standardized patient program to improve first and second year students’ skills in obtaining historical data and managing ethical dilemmas.
  • Friday School: One of the beautiful features of Friday School is that everyone teaches each other. Check it out….